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To the future whiners!!!

23rd April 2011 | 1 Comment

DIGITAL STORYTELLING. I first heard about this class when I was studying with my friend Ashley at the library. I remember she was a little late because she had just got out of a session of this class, I asked her why she was late and she said I had a class; DIGITAL STORYTELLING 106 […]

Fan Labour

22nd April 2011 | 1 Comment

After all the thinking I did, I reached a decision and finished my fandom assignment, as I said; I’m trying to get everything in before Monday. Ok, so at home, my sister and I, we watch E! News a lot just because we like it and at times what they talk about is so ridiculous […]

Final Project…Done! Done!! Done!!!

21st April 2011 | 1 Comment

For my final project as you already know, I was still going on with the daily shoot and since finals is almost here, I decided to get all my ds106 stuff done before Monday. I compiled all my photos into a movie soughta in Windows Live Movie Maker and added a couple of songs which […]

Finishing Strong?

19th April 2011 | Closed

Yea well, I’m trying so hard but I can’t seem to think of what I’ll be doing for this fandom assignment and I’ve not got all year so I have to think fast…oh well, it looks like Prof. Groom just entered the class so….I gotta go be a good student.

Mashed up words

12th April 2011 | 2 Comments

So before I made my despicable me mashup, I wanted to do something different like mashing up words to make new ones. Because I figured at times just one word is not enough to describe a situation but it didn’t take me long before I noticed it wasn’t going to work. On Sunday when I […]

Despicable Mashup/Remix :P

10th April 2011 | 3 Comments

After a whole lot of brainstorming and working, I’m now done with my mashup/ remix assignment.It has been a long day for me but thank God it’s all over now. I got the video from youtube and downloaded it using fastest youtube downloader. Luckily for me, there was one with no audio, so I downloaded […]

Mashups and Remixs

10th April 2011 | Closed

Over spring break, I used to watch E. news and it was always about Charlie Sheen doing this and that but the one I kinda liked most was his “winning” . Ok so these videos are mostly about some interviews he had which have been remixed or mashed up. Video 1. Cartoonified Charlie Sheen giving […]

ALERT!!! Final Project Update

31st March 2011 | 8 Comments

I decided to focus on photography for my final project and this is my second update; 1. Photo showing layers; this is a sand art I made during the Winterfest. 2. A photo that showed something Green. I first started by taking pictures of leaves but it didn’t work,so I¬† went to my friend for […]

Reeeeeeeemixing and Mashing up

30th March 2011 | Closed

First of all let me sigh, haaaaaaaaaaa…..that was a good one. I just finished reading the remix and mash-up articles. I started with the Order Theophylline with no prescription and I was like, hmmmm… I don’t no know whether anyone felt the same way but I was kinda confused at times, either way I finished […]

A little inspiration won't hurt

23rd March 2011 | Closed

Ok so I’m studying for a test and I saw this amazing video a friend posted on her facebook page. I thought¬† it’d be cool to share with you all so here it is….