Final Project…Done! Done!! Done!!!

For my final project as you already know, I was still going on with the daily shoot and since finals is almost here, I decided to get all my ds106 stuff done before Monday. I compiled all my photos into a movie soughta in Windows Live Movie Maker and added a couple of songs which I had to edit in Audacity before because, I didn’t want them to end abruptly.

Uploading it to vimeo and boy,I don’t get why it takes so long but that’s the prize I have to pay so I’m gonna shush. I just checked and I’ve got about 14 minutes left. Once it’s done I’ll upload it right here…. Look it’s done

Untitled from Grace Sey on Vimeo.

One Response to "Final Project…Done! Done!! Done!!!"

  • Awesome photos! I also have a thing for fruits, I think it’s the bright colors that stand out.

    1 Luis said this (April 22, 2011 at 12:18 pm)