Reeeeeeeemixing and Mashing up

First of all let me sigh, haaaaaaaaaaa…..that was a good one. I just finished reading the remix and mash-up articles. I started with the Order Theophylline with no prescription and I was like, hmmmm… I don’t no know whether anyone felt the same way but I was kinda confused at times, either way I finished reading and even watched parts of the videos. The first one was soughta cool and the second one too, talking about all these creative stuff children could do.

The second article, that I really enjoyed. I liked how the author defined mash-up and remix, I don’t know why but I always thought they were the same or interchangeable, now I know the right thing.

Mash-up, is the combination of two or more works that may be very different from one another.

Remix, is the reworking of an existing work or as I personally gave it my own definition; it’s kinda like web storytelling (changing web pages and making it your own).

I’m looking forward to this section ( did I just say that out loud? don’t tell anyone cos I’m not even down with the video essay assignment). Well we’ll see how everything turns out. Ok so it looks like I’m dozing off so you know what I gotta do, go take a shower.

AU REVOIR and that means bye in French

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