Ghana @ 54

I am Ghanaian and today marks the 54th Independence  day Anniversary so I decided to do a blog post about my country because I know most of you don’t know anything about it. So here we go,

Ghana can be located at West Africa, between three francophone countries Ivory Coast to the west, Togo to the Eastern side and Burkina Faso to the north because of this,French is taught in many of the schools. There are ten regions and ten main cities; Accra, Kumasi, Tamale, Sunyani, Koforidua,Bolgatanga, Wa, Takoradi, Ho and Cape Coast with Accra being our Capital city.


That is our coat of arms. These are our main languages ; twi, fanti, hausa, ga and ewe  but English is our official language, teachers teach in English and English is spoken at all places but even with that, not all people can speak English. At home on the other hand, we speak our mother language, mine was either twi or fanti at times I spoke English with my friends or switched between languages, so lets say, someone I might start a conversation, by speaking twi but might end up speaking English because sometimes some things are better off said in a English especially when there’s someone around who doesn’t know English that much. In Ghana, when someone talks about his/her hometown, he/she is talking about where her mom or dad comes from. I, for instance come from my mom’s hometown because, in the southern part , we all come from our mother’s hometown and people in the northern side come from their dad’s hometown.

We are very crazed about sports too, especially during the African Cup of Nations and World Cup. If you want to know more about us, visit us and also you can ask me more but for now I can’t seem to remember anything more.

This is our National Anthem, I just recorded it on Audacity and since it had been a long time before I sang it, I kinda made a little mistake somewhere but it’s alright….Enjoy ….. 🙂

[audio:|titles=Gh National Anthem]

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  • You are welcome and thanks for reading 🙂

    1 osheen said this (March 10, 2011 at 3:46 pm)

  • That is so interesting! Thanks for sharing, Grace!

    2 Alex Jaffee said this (March 7, 2011 at 9:13 pm)

  • Thanks for sharing this! I had a Ghanaian friend in high school so everything I’ve learned about Ghana has been limited to what he would talk about/what I heard about the soccer team. Learning about hometowns was especially interesting.

    3 Chrisb123 said this (March 7, 2011 at 2:27 pm)

  • I like how you posted about Ghana because you are right, we don’t hear a lot about it in America!

    Sounds like an interesting country to visit!

    4 Cali4beach said this (March 7, 2011 at 1:25 am)