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ALERT!!! Final Project Update

31st March 2011 | 8 Comments

I decided to focus on photography for my final project and this is my second update; 1. Photo showing layers; this is a sand art I made during the Winterfest. 2. A photo that showed something Green. I first started by taking pictures of leaves but it didn’t work,so I  went to my friend for […]

Reeeeeeeemixing and Mashing up

30th March 2011 | Closed

First of all let me sigh, haaaaaaaaaaa…..that was a good one. I just finished reading the remix and mash-up articles. I started with the Order Theophylline with no prescription and I was like, hmmmm… I don’t no know whether anyone felt the same way but I was kinda confused at times, either way I finished […]

A little inspiration won't hurt

23rd March 2011 | Closed

Ok so I’m studying for a test and I saw this amazing video a friend posted on her facebook page. I thought  it’d be cool to share with you all so here it is….  


22nd March 2011 | 4 Comments

I’m done with the stuff I had to do for the web story telling assignment , I’m not going to stop using this firebug thing because it’s so  useful to mess up web pages ( I love saying that), I’ll definitely be using it in the near future. I made a blog post on Thursday, […]

I think this is kinda funny, what do you think?

22nd March 2011 | Closed

I’m not much of a newspaper reader but last night before my french class started, I saw yesterday’s USA Today newspaper in the class room and decided to give it a shot. Whilst  I was reading, I came across this comic and decided to share with you all. I created this version in   […]


19th March 2011 | Closed

I changed my theme again,yea I was kinda tired of the other one. As part of what I have to do this weekend for this class, I decided to do some of the audio assignments. I  started with Assignment36 and made a bumper for ds106radio, I asked my friend to say something for me to […]

You Say Web Story Telling and I say who? what?

17th March 2011 | Closed

Ok, so Tuesday’s class introduced me to a new thing called Web Story Telling. It is when people change the actual thing that is supposed to be on a web page and make it their own. Getting firebug and searchgrab took more time than it was supposed to for the fact that my computer is […]

Do you remember…………… ?

10th March 2011 | Closed

when I made a blog post about what I will be doing over the next seven weeks for my final project? Yea so I decided to concentrate on photography but I stopped taking part in the daily shoot. I really didn’t last without it, I guess I forgot that the daily shoot was very challenging […]

Ghana @ 54

6th March 2011 | Closed

I am Ghanaian and today marks the 54th Independence  day Anniversary so I decided to do a blog post about my country because I know most of you don’t know anything about it. So here we go, Ghana can be located at West Africa, between three francophone countries Ivory Coast to the west, Togo to […]