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Something like a 30 second story

31st January 2011 | Closed

cool-cartoon-2758384 Originally uploaded by iamosheen I created this on Saturday using but for some reason I couldn’t post it on my blog and now thanks to AlexJafee, I uploaded it on flickr and posted it from there….yay me… 🙂

DailyShoot – Repition

31st January 2011 | Closed

100_0307 Originally uploaded by iamosheen This is the picture I took today for daily shoot. I took it on my way back to my dorm ( Willard)

This is fun !!!

29th January 2011 | Closed

Hey people, so I’m still getting myself used to web 2.0 tools and I found this amazing site where you create your own cartoons, pretty cool. This is the url

Playing with Web 2.0 Tools

28th January 2011 | Closed

Ok so I was playing at this site called xtranormal and I was able to make this 15 seconds movie ,I tried to use 2 actors but it didn’t work. Anyways , the story is about a girl left alone at the park by her mom and when she returned, she promised not to leave […]

wHAT am I dOiNg?

27th January 2011 | Closed

Well I am sitting in the comfort of my hard wooden chair, behind my computer reading posts from Google reader and I’m thinking boy people are good look at the stuff they are posting , it makes me feel like I’m not doing anything but hey you better watch out because I’m coming with the […]

Web 2.0 Tools

27th January 2011 | Closed

Hey all, does anyone have any idea of how to go about today’s assignment? Please I need with it thanks.

Web 2.0

25th January 2011 | Closed

Learned in class today that, Web 2.0 is basically a marketing term…..:)

The Web over the years II.

25th January 2011 | Closed

Finished with the readings and I liked how Tim O’reilly described the differences between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, at least now I now that for a company to claim that it is Web 2.0, it should have some the seven principles he talked about in his article.Bryan Alexander and Alan Levine’s article also built […]

The Web over the years

25th January 2011 | Closed

I’m now reading  Tim O’Reilly’s what is web 2.0 and I’m really loving it  well kinda like McDonalds but in this case I need not to burn any calories when I’m done. Most of the stuff I’m reading, I never knew till now, you gotta love education(ds106). Let me get back to my reading, will […]

Its sooo pathetic !!!

22nd January 2011 | Closed

We’re only in the second week of the semester and I’ve already caught this bad cold, I sneeze like every 1 minute and my friend always say “Bless you”, I feel soo bad because, she has to say Bless you 60 times in an hour. I’ve used about 6 boxes of tissue…this can’t get any […]