To the future whiners!!!


I first heard about this class when I was studying with my friend Ashley at the library. I remember she was a little late because she had just got out of a session of this class, I asked her why she was late and she said I had a class; DIGITAL STORYTELLING 106 . She recommended it to me and even told me to take it with Prof. Groom.  When it was time for me to register, the class was full. I couldn’t understand why it filled up so fast but now I do know why, because most of the people who signed up are SENIORS. I started emailing Prof. Groom and started praying about it because I really wanted to get in the class, why? I have know idea but now I do. This class has taught me so much,like editing audio, turning a stereo track into a mono track, creating ads, taking beautiful photos,I could go on for a long time but I don’t have to because you’ll find out soon. Enough chit chat about me, now to you, future cry baby;

If you want to learn more and get out of your comfort zone, I recommend you take this class but if you are lazy, here comes a truism DON’T REGISTER FOR IT OR DROP IT IF YOU’VE ALREADY REGISTERED!!! I’m sorry for saying that out loud but that’s the truth. This class is much fun and also makes you learn more stuff you can use in your everyday life. I’ve been studying about atoms since middle school, ask me when am I ever going to meet one? DON’T KNOW YET but for the stuff you learn in this class, you can actually see it happen in your everyday life. Don’t you use facebook all the time? yea so there’s this section in the class called WEB STORYTELLING and what you basically do is to change stuff on a web page, well you can manipulate a friend’s page and make it your own. How cool is that?

The last thing I’m going to say is to go to class everyday because you’ve paid for it , whenever there’s an assignment given and you need help, you can ask the Prof. because he’s real cool and is always willing to help. This is how I’ve survived this semester as a member of the DS106 family. I know you can also do same, you just have to be a hardworker.


Fan Labour

After all the thinking I did, I reached a decision and finished my fandom assignment, as I said; I’m trying to get everything in before Monday. Ok, so at home, my sister and I, we watch E! News a lot just because we like it and at times what they talk about is so ridiculous (fun). I remember my sister telling me one day that during one of their broadcasts, they talked about Michael Jackson’s son having a girlfriend, how ridiculous is that? Any way, so I did my assignment on E! News, I hand drew everything in Kerpoof one of the web 2.0 tools given to us some weeks ago. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you my assignment.


Final Project…Done! Done!! Done!!!

For my final project as you already know, I was still going on with the daily shoot and since finals is almost here, I decided to get all my ds106 stuff done before Monday. I compiled all my photos into a movie soughta in Windows Live Movie Maker and added a couple of songs which I had to edit in Audacity before because, I didn’t want them to end abruptly.

Uploading it to vimeo and boy,I don’t get why it takes so long but that’s the prize I have to pay so I’m gonna shush. I just checked and I’ve got about 14 minutes left. Once it’s done I’ll upload it right here…. Look it’s done

Untitled from Grace Sey on Vimeo.

Finishing Strong?

Yea well, I’m trying so hard but I can’t seem to think of what I’ll be doing for this fandom assignment and I’ve not got all year so I have to think fast…oh well, it looks like Prof. Groom just entered the class so….I gotta go be a good student.

Mashed up words

So before I made my despicable me mashup, I wanted to do something different like mashing up words to make new ones. Because I figured at times just one word is not enough to describe a situation but it didn’t take me long before I noticed it wasn’t going to work. On Sunday when I decided to start, I couldn’t remember any of the words I wanted to use, I wrote some down but those were the only ones I got. I hand wrote those in Ms Paint and now I’m sharing it with you

Think something or someone is amazing and awesome at the same time?

Behold the new word ;






You see something dirty and nasty at the same time? Just say;

Despicable Mashup/Remix :P

After a whole lot of brainstorming and working, I’m now done with my mashup/ remix assignment.It has been a long day for me but thank God it’s all over now.

I got the video from youtube and downloaded it using fastest youtube downloader. Luckily for me, there was one with no audio, so I downloaded that and did all my work in Windows Live Movie Maker. I also got a couple of songs from youtube , converted them to mp3 using and edited them  in Audacity to clip out the unwanted parts. Now it was time to save my project, I had to get a youtube account in order to upload it there, it took about an hour to upload it on youtube but when it was time for me to grab the embed code, it wasn’t there. I didn’t know what to do so, I decided to get a vimeo account and it was pretty simple unlike youtube.  After I got my account, I uploaded it and fortunately this time the embed code was there and here it is;

Untitled from Grace Sey on Vimeo.

Mashups and Remixs

Over spring break, I used to watch E. news and it was always about Charlie Sheen doing this and that but the one I kinda liked most was his “winning” . Ok so these videos are mostly about some interviews he had which have been remixed or mashed up.

Video 1. Cartoonified Charlie Sheen giving a speech

Video 2.  Winning

Video 3.  Interviewer: Are you bipolar?

Charlie : I’m Biwinning. 😀

I like these videos because I think it’s funny. Now back to me, I’m still brainstorming on what I’ll be doing for this assignment. Not sure which way I should go but I have a couple of  ideas and I hope to start soon and be done with it as early as possible.

ALERT!!! Final Project Update

I decided to focus on photography for my final project and this is my second update;

1. Photo showing layers; this is a sand art I made during the Winterfest.

2. A photo that showed something Green. I first started by taking pictures of leaves but it didn’t work,so I  went to my friend for a green construction paper,hand cut these letters and numbers to  make this

3. Then came the photo of circles. In this picture is my little table fan, I love it because it makes me know that, good things at times come in small sizes.

4.  A photo of technology in your life. This is a photo of my printer.

5. This is today’s photo, A photo dominated by orange ( the color), I figured there was no better way to take a photo of something orange than using orange itself.


Reeeeeeeemixing and Mashing up

First of all let me sigh, haaaaaaaaaaa…..that was a good one. I just finished reading the remix and mash-up articles. I started with the Order Theophylline with no prescription and I was like, hmmmm… I don’t no know whether anyone felt the same way but I was kinda confused at times, either way I finished reading and even watched parts of the videos. The first one was soughta cool and the second one too, talking about all these creative stuff children could do.

The second article, that I really enjoyed. I liked how the author defined mash-up and remix, I don’t know why but I always thought they were the same or interchangeable, now I know the right thing.

Mash-up, is the combination of two or more works that may be very different from one another.

Remix, is the reworking of an existing work or as I personally gave it my own definition; it’s kinda like web storytelling (changing web pages and making it your own).

I’m looking forward to this section ( did I just say that out loud? don’t tell anyone cos I’m not even down with the video essay assignment). Well we’ll see how everything turns out. Ok so it looks like I’m dozing off so you know what I gotta do, go take a shower.

AU REVOIR and that means bye in French

A little inspiration won't hurt

Ok so I’m studying for a test and I saw this amazing video a friend posted on her facebook page. I thought  it’d be cool to share with you all so here it is….